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Hayden Wong Hai Feng
08/01/2009 13:56:29
Re: Probation

Dear Friends,

My employment letter stated that my propation period was 3 months. During propation period either party can terminate their employment by giving 24 hours wrting notice.
However, there is another clause under Termination of Employment read as follow : The employer reserve the right to terminate the employment if the employee's performance is not satisfactory by giving one month notice. However, if the employee wish to terminate his service with the company, he is required to give one month notice to the company.

My propation period was over(more than 5 months), however the company didn't issue any letter of confirmation or extension of probation.

Question :

1) If i would like to resign from the company, how long is the notice - 24 hours or one month.

2) Is my employment in the company automatically confirm.


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KL Siew
08/01/2009 14:10:05
The question whether a person is confirmed or not confirmed after the probationary period is over but no confirmation letter was received, is quite uncertain. Some authorities said confirmed while others said not confirmed.

In your case, if you really want to resign, go to the HR and ask them how long the notice you should give, 24 hours or 1 month. That will solve the problem.
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