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06/03/2009 12:13:02
Re: How to covered by EA

How we know that is we are covered by the EA?
What is the diferrece?
is under company contract not covered?
or we accept the company hand book/ confirmation letter with the
company own policy than we are not covered?
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KL Siew
06/03/2009 13:54:09
You better read up the First Schedule of the Employment Act to find out who are covered by the Act using the link

Yes for those not covered, the terms and conditions of service stated in the offer letter, company hand book etc are applicable.

You must be aware that the Employment Act provides only minimum amount benefits and it does not mean those covered by the Act cannot enjoy the better terms and conditions stated in the company handbook and so on, only that they cannot be given any benefits less than those in the EA.
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