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Vivian Chong
05/03/2009 23:42:49
Re: salary

dear Mr siew,

I resigned after working for one week. I worked in different companies in Malaysia, UK and Canada before, but this is by far the worst. Since I have no offer letter, I gave notice on the spot and didn't expect any pay (but i never told them) so I can leave asap.

On the last day the head of the company said he will pay me and it's has been a month. When I call he just say will ask acct dept to prepare but still nothing.

It's unlikely i can claim for my salary since there is no contract, but since he said he will pay, can I still insist that he pays me? He wants to deduct one day pay because it was mostly briefing, settling in and no work.

He's also refusing to pay for my EPF, citing no contract.

Please advise. Thank you for your help.
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KL Siew
06/03/2009 08:11:29
Just forget everything, your salary, EPF , and so on and get on with what you are doing now. If he ever pays you, well and good but I don't think he is going to do it. Under the Employment Act, the notice one should give is 4 weeks when there is no written contract. You may have to pay 4 weeks salary as indemnity in lieu of notice if you resign on the spot.
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Vivian Chong
06/03/2009 09:08:54
Thank you for your advice, Mr Siew.

I know it will be hard to get my pay, which is not really that important. I feel more strongly with how the management handles issues. There is no income tax and EPF deductions, no discipline, no proper rules & regulations etc... among other things.

Thanks again.
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10/03/2009 17:49:40
Then you have made a smart choice by leaving the company!
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