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YK Wong
05/03/2009 17:38:40
Re: Regarding Over Time

Im a lecturer and in my contract letter, it states that im not entitled to OT pay. Is that legal?

Also, asking this on behalf on a friend of mine. He works in a hotel kitchen, everyday required to work 3-4 hours OT but no OT pay reason being he coudlnt finish his days job. What is your view on this?
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KL Siew
05/03/2009 18:14:51
Since you are not covered by the Employment Act, it looks like there is nothing illegal about your contract. Next time, try to negotiate for better terms since you know you may be required to work long hours.

About your friends, it is quite difficult to say whether it was too much work or too slow. Your friend should complain to the Labour Office.
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