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08/01/2009 12:31:18
Re: Termination during Probation

Dear Sir,

On 17th Dec,2008 we employed a lady as accounts clerk and she is currently under probation for 3 months. Her contract has stated that during probation, either party can terminate the service by giving two weeks notice.

We hired her because we wanted someone with accounting background and she claimed to have 20 years of experience in this department. On the first day of training all new recruits were given an overall picture of want we are doing and what is expected from each staff and some brush up in accounting knowledge.

Once a task was given to her, we found that she did not have any accounting knowledge as she claimed earlier during the interview. My boss, then sat with her and gave her a one to one training on accounting and told her that at any point of time, if she faced any problem she could either seek his advice or come to me during his absence. He drew a chart with simple guidelines to follow for all accounting entries. Everytime a job is given to her, she puts the wrong entry, when I wrote down a step by step guide on how to key in the system and what to look for, she does not bother to look at the guide sheet which I passed to her as reference for any of her work. She does not use the chart that my boss gave her for reference as well.

Yesterday, I gave her a verbal warning, as I found she is totally incompatible. She does not even know the basic accounting entry. She doesn't concentrate on her job and doesn't follow any instructions correctly. Whenever my boss asks her how she is coping, she will says that she is ok but when the work is checked it contains many mistakes.

My boss has decided to give her the termination notice of two weeks tomorrow.

I want to know, whether we can do so or if there anything else that we have to do before serving her the notice

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KL Siew
08/01/2009 13:19:10
If she is really not up to the mark, what else can you do except to let her go. Be aware that she has the right to complain. Alternatively, you may try to ask her to resign with some incentive.

From experience, it is always advisable to talk to the applicant's previous bosses first before engaging.
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13/01/2009 17:01:51
Yes, you may terminate her due to unsatisfactory with her working performance or unsuccessful completion of probationary period.

Since you have issued her warning letter, it will ease the procedure.

Asking her to resign is good, you may explain to that if you would want to terminate her, it will be bad record for her CV.
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