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KL Siew
01/01/2009 01:04:14
Re: Happy New Year 2009

I wish all visitors/readers a very happy new year and thank you for all your valued support.

As the previous forum pages are getting a bit congested, we will start a new forum for 2009.

Let all of us have great courage to face the challenging year ahead and win.
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hr officer
15/04/2009 17:05:39
My boss recruited a receptionist but for the first 3 months he would like to consider her as a contract staff. He refuse to pay epf and socso. The salary of the receptionist salary are RM1100 per month. Is it legal that the employer do not contribute epf and socso? According to my boss, casual worker do not need to pay epf and socso. My boss refuse to provide her a employment / contract letter.
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