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04/03/2009 10:21:27
Re: Slander and Defamation

Good Day Sir,
I have resigned from my previous company 6 months ago and had been in a new company since. I have just found out from my current boss that my previous boss had been bad mouthed me in front of him and other people during a closed meeting sometime last month since he started to knew that I am working with his competitor. I have no idea of this until my current boss opened this up to me since he felt that he should be honest with me on what he heard outside the market. It was totally untrue of what my previous boss said about me and it seems he was out there intentionally tarnishing my image. Please advise if I should bring this up to the Labour Department?
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04/03/2009 11:14:08
Hi Jennifer,

I don't think Labour Dept can do anything about it but you can always ask their advice as they are quite genuine in helping workers like us. Just pay them a visit. :)

Slandering and defamation such as your case is quite normal nowadays. A friend of mine been through the same. E-mail was circulated to everyone, internal and external parties to damage her image. Hey! Maybe you should seek legal advice on this matter.
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04/03/2009 13:04:53
Hi Teddy
Thank you for your feedback. I will check it out with the Labour Dpt first. May I know if your friend take any action at the end?
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