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03/03/2009 17:58:40
Re: law?

knowing that labour act only applied for those salary not more than RM1500.

and i could say almost 95% of my company staffs are more than that amount. please advice what law shall we applied for them? thanks.
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KL Siew
03/03/2009 18:58:32
One must understand the Employment Act only provide minimum benefits to those employees covered by that Act. For example, annual leave, it is 8 to 16 days per year depending on the number of years of service, sick leave is 14 to 22 days and so on. For staff no covered, like the 95% mentioned by you, their terms and conditions are stated in their contract of employment and I don't think those terms and conditions are worse than those minimum benefits as stated in the Employment Act. Furthermore, all employees, whether covered or not covered by the Employment Act, are covered by the Industrial Relations Act. For dismissal cases, they all can seek redress under that IR Act.
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