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02/03/2009 12:19:34
Re: Salary

Hi, good afternoon. I have question regarding income tax and salary. I had resigned from the company by giving three months notice. My boss wanted to hold my salary for this month. The reason given was he wanted me to settle my income tax payment first before giving me the salary. However, I have not working for one year. I am a fresh graduate. Is this law exist? Do they have the right to do so?

Pls advice.

Thanks you.
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KL Siew
02/03/2009 12:35:49
I think you have to consult the Income Tax Department whether it is necessary for the employer to withhold last salary payment pending income tax clearance. I though with today's PCB tax deduction, there is no need for clearance anymore. Anyway, consult the Income Tax Department.
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02/03/2009 12:48:49
Thanks for your advice.
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