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28/02/2009 11:17:00
Re: Extension of probation period

If the employee with 6 months probation period, and the employer going to extend the probation period for another 6 months. But after another 6 months the performance still cannot justify. At that moment, can their employment be terminated by the employer ? or we have the right to extend the probation period again.
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KL Siew
28/02/2009 15:13:54
You may extend the probationary period and there is no rules as to how many extensions you may give. Whatever it is, you must have good reasons for terminating their service and performance is a very subjective thing. Furthermore, the employees concerned have the right to complain about the termination of service.
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02/03/2009 10:56:22
The none-confirmed after the probation is most probably due to salary problem, from the company point of view.

I had such experience before, whereby the employer felt the salary that offering to me was too high. Therefore, they have no alternative but to keep delaying in the probation.

No point for staying in this company anymore, they are not gentle enough!
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04/03/2009 08:47:18
I think 6 months is long enough to see whether a worker can perform or not.
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11/03/2009 11:30:00
the employee concerned have the right complain about the termination of service even he or she still under probabation period?
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