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28/02/2009 11:09:11
Re: Probationer

We have few probationers and we are going to stop their employment with us, this is due to the less order and to reduce the overhead cost.
In this circumstances, how should we to stop their employment? Or we can offer VSS to them, if applicable, what is the basic requirement we should offer.
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KL Siew
28/02/2009 15:07:18
Make them an offer and see what is the response. But must remember, they have the right to complain about wrongful dismissal by the company.
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01/03/2009 10:41:26
But they are probationer, we still have no right to stop their employment if we found that they are inappropriate. Can we follow the employment letter to give 2 weeks notice or payment in lieu.

Please advise further.
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KL Siew
01/03/2009 11:37:49
"Probationer" is nowhere defined in the Employment Act. It is also not stated anywhere what benefits they should or should not get when they are on probation. They are just like any other employees who enjoy and same rights and are equally protected. Employers can of course terminate their service according to the contract of employment but that employees are not barred from seeking redress.
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