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james lim
27/02/2009 16:46:18
Re: work for one and half weeks

Goodday, my question: i started work at a new workplace, and left after a week and a half because i got another offer. am i eligible to get paid? i had to fill a staff attendance page during my time there. in the contract signed it was a one day notice period to leave. part of my offer letter is stated this clause:

Notes: Should you leave during an active project, all unpaid.

Do they refer to commission only which will be unpaid or salary also unpaid? They don't mention what exactly is unpaid. Before this clause, it is stated that if i work less than a month there, salary will be calculated by amount of days worked. Please advice. My salary for the week and a half has been delayed for about a month now.
Thanks a lot.
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KL Siew
27/02/2009 17:19:56
Not sure about your case. Did you ask them the reasons why you were not paid? If the reasons given are not acceptable to you, you can lodge a claim for the salary at the Labour Department.
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