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26/02/2009 16:03:45
Re: Socso

Dear Mr Siew,

One of the staff met accident (from office to home), he wan to claim socso.
My question is can he claim medical bills from the company and also from the socso?He went to our panel clinic to dressing his wound and the clinic will bill us accordingly.If he does so, thats mean he claim double?If company reject his claims is it against the act & rules?

Pls advise.
Thank you
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KL Siew
26/02/2009 16:58:38
First, report the accident to SOCSO and then you can ask them the same questions.
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27/02/2009 13:38:03
socso shall be claimed instead of the company.

company to pay when only socso did not compensate. but, socso shall has no problem to pay if sufficient info is given.
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04/05/2009 23:41:12
socso will only entertain original bill nowsaday just like insurance company. shall one party is paying the full amount, the other party shall not pay as the principal of ' no pofit for medical expenses'..

company to pay or not is up to the company practice.. normally they wouldn;t pay on top.
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