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26/02/2009 13:54:21
Re: Medical Claim

I has been submit the mc claim which date is saturday (non working day),
is that according to the labor law, the company has to pay me back the claim?
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KL Siew
26/02/2009 16:56:01
Medical claims are not stated in the Employment Act. It is a benefit given by the company. You will have to ask your company about the payment. I would find it odd if they don't pay for claims incurred o non working days.
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27/02/2009 13:35:46
they should pay you.
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06/03/2009 14:54:14
But when I try to ask the lady boss to pay me, she said that need to ask the opinion from the accountant first, and she already drag this issue for more than one month.
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