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26/02/2009 12:13:50
Re: change of total working hours


We have been having 5 days work week (830-530)in the company all these years. Now with the economic issue the management wants to make a compulsory of 48 hrs per week for all staff. The staff is given a choice to do additional hrs on the weekdays or come on saturday to cover this.

What is your opinion on this?
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KL Siew
26/02/2009 12:26:59
Your company was quite generous in the beginning by letting staff to work only 40 hours per week. There will be some resistance if it wanted to extend the hours. I think it is better to work a bit longer for 5 days rather rather than coming to work on Saturdays. Try to talk it over and you can also get the views from the Labour Office or the IR Department.
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26/02/2009 16:54:17
Taking 2 hours leave is it consider half day leave?
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KL Siew
26/02/2009 17:26:39
A lot of companies do that. Some even stricter than that.
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