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25/02/2009 09:54:46
Re: condition of doing the retrenchment exercise

Dear Sir,
I'm working in one danish company as a sales engineer for 6 year. As far as i know that in the past few years (2005 to 2007), they are making money and also meet above 5% from the target set by top management for 2008. Yesterday, they told me that they want to retrench me and compensate me according the labour law (20 dyas salary / 1 year service). Are they able to do so?
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KL Siew
25/02/2009 11:17:39
It is up to you to accept or not. If you think that is an unfair termination of service, you can complain to the Industrial Relations Department and claim for reinstatement.
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01/03/2009 11:01:10
If the employee don't agree with the offer as set as a minumum requirement according to the act, what is the maximum we have to pay. If the employee complain to IR then what action IR will take against to employer.
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