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24/02/2009 15:17:17
Re: unpaid leave

if a staff resign on 24 feb 2009 and requested to give 1 month notice. but instead of fulfil the one month notice, the staff requested for early leave but the management did not allow. the staff insisted on leaving after 1 week. what he did is he fill up the form for unpaid leave till the end day of notice. can the management take action on him ie to requested him to compensate back to the company through the deduction of his salary on his action. What i mean here is that the management only pay until his last working days(ie 1 week instead of the 1 month) and also demanded the staff to compensate back to the company 3 weeks salary for not fulfil the one month notice. Can this be done?
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KL Siew
24/02/2009 15:53:06
Yes, you can do that.
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