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07/01/2009 12:34:15
Re: ANNUAL Leave

hi, The annual leave at my current company the policy have change this year 2009. Situation and the procedure is , our annual leave is 14 days and is pro rate for the month. if employee take more then the prorate we , Our HR will treat as NPL, and salary will be deduct. As understand NPL or deduct salary cannot simply just deduct. It only deduct when the employee already exceeded it annual leave 14 days or the staff taking EL withour inform immediate superior with no intention. for what situation the Non Pay leave(NPL) will be deduct from Salary? what is NPL real mean for Employee and HR to act on it . hope to hear from u as soon as possible. is urgent


best regard

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KL Siew
07/01/2009 13:10:21
I think the HR can do that. I think your company is giving leave in advance and you don't have to complete 12 months service to qualify for the 14 leave. So, they may prorate at say 1 day a month. If you have completed 3 months, you will get 3 days leave. If you take 5 days, 2 days will be no pay.
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