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Jane Soo
23/02/2009 11:50:01
Re: calculation method for sick leave compared to marriage /compassionate leave.

Dear Mr Siow

My company previously operates on a 5 and 1/2 day week. and has now
changed to a 5-day week, extending working hours up to 6 pm.

Saturday is now a non-working day.and Sunday is our rest day.

Sick leave
For sick leave, our HR personnel calculates as follows :

example. 4 days sick leave is given.

counting from Friday, Sat, Sun and Monday = 4 days

Question :

is this calculation method stated in our Malaysian Labour Law / Regulations ?

marraige & Compassionate leave

The company has compassionate leave in its policy which states

" 3 working days" compassionate leave upon the demise of .....

and 3 working days for employee's first legal marriage ..."

Question : when a worker is given such leave say starting on Thursday, Friday and since Saturday and Sunday are not a working days, is it correct to extend the leave to Monday ?

our HR personnel is now using this sick leave calculation method for the marriage / compassionate leave as well.

Some of our staff felt it is not correct since it was mentioned " working days" i.e. Saturday and Sunday or even if it falls on a public holiday it should not be counted.

Your advice is most appreciated.

Thank you

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23/02/2009 12:25:30
For calculation of sick leave, saturday and sunday are excluded, except for hospitalization or maternity leave.
Same goes for marriage and compassionate leave.
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