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23/02/2009 11:39:23


at some occasions, our company insists we work on weekends, and public holidays apart from the overtime hrs we work on working days. Our contract says that OT are not subjected to claim or salary.

Can we still claim for those public holidays and weekends we worked for?

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KL Siew
23/02/2009 13:16:15
If you are covered under the Employment Act, you are entitled to all those matters like OT, working on weekends and public holidays. However, if you have evidence like punch cards showing all the details like time in and out, working on weekends etc, you may consult the Labour Department see if they can help you.
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23/02/2009 16:14:50
what happen if my salary 4K? what act then i will be protecting under?
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KL Siew
23/02/2009 17:47:34
Then you are not covered by the EA. You may have to negotiate with your employer if they want to work overtime, on weekends and so on.
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