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23/02/2009 11:13:45
Re: termination of contract

i ve work in this company for almost 3 yrs. my contract states that my working hours starts from 9am-5.30pm monday to friday and sat 9am - 12.30pm. it seems fair for me to work OT at days but my employer discourages us to go back on time even when we needed to. We are also not paid for OT.

most usually, we work until 10pm everyday, and i had been subjected to work until 3am in many occasions. When i brought this up to my employer, she said all OT hours will contribute to our yearly bonus. However, when its time for bonus, she told me the company will not pay for those with long OT because they waste the company`s electricity and long OT means we are not working efficiently. We work like slaves in this company and this has caused a very stressful time for all of us.

recently, i have received a better offer at another firm and i am thinking of immediate termination of my contract. it says that if i am absent for 2 conseccutive days, the contract is considered broken. in the contract, i have to give 3 months notice but i dont have this much time. if the contract is broken, does that mean i can refer to labour law and just repay
my current company 1month and half salary for immediate resignation?

pls help me as i look forward to leave this company without having to face more harassment from my employer. i have seen ex-colleagues faced such terrible experience before.

thanks alot

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KL Siew
23/02/2009 13:25:24
I don't think you can get away with the need to give 3 months notice by absenting yourself of more than two working days. It is the same as terminating your service without notice. Ideally, you can give whatever notice you can afford to give and pay up for the rest of short notice. Alternatively, you may consult your new employer whether they are willing to pay for you or allow you to join at a later date. .
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