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06/01/2009 23:09:58
Re: Praobationer

Employee under probation period and would like to resign just refer to employment requirement to serve their resignation letter following the notice period.

If employer would like to cancel one probationer, is he just follow to the requirement and apply the same. Or employer is prohibited to do in this way.

Hope to hear from you.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
07/01/2009 08:41:23
You mean you want to terminate his service? Yes, you can do that by giving the required notice but to do so, you must have some good reasons.
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08/01/2009 09:47:55
Dear Sir,
i just want to ask, i working with this company 2 yrs plus already, but when i came to this office , the appoitment letter wrote that , i hv enjoy 13 mth salary, but the 1mth my boss consider as bonus( in ,my apptment letter did wrote bonus, is wrote 13mth salary), so by law isn't i need to follow my boss or i can fight to get back my another half mth??
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KL Siew
08/01/2009 11:10:21
From my understanding, 13th month salary means there is 1 month contractual bonus. Any extra bonus paid by the company is not contractual, i.e. they can choose to pay you or not to pay you.
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28/05/2009 23:58:35
I already work in my company for 10 months, until now my colleagues and me all still haven't get the confirmation letter yet. I already check with my boss regarding this matter, they always finding excuses do not provide the confirmed letter to us. Only verbally i'm confirmed staffs, but we doesn't have the proof that we already been confirmed & did not have the medical benefits as well.

My appointment letter wrote: employees who are engaged with a view to regular employment shall undergo a probationary period of 3 months and if the need arise to be extended to 1 month or maximum 6 months, as desired by the company. However, the company may decide to accept theservices of the Employee other than the above -mentioned period of probation.

I'm still consider as confirmed staff?? Kindly advise.
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