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21/02/2009 15:25:20
Re: attendance

Mr Siew,if a employee who is habitual late comer be made to sign a form stating the time he turns up for work each time he is late? Can he be made to stay back after work to replace back the lost hour? Another question,if a worker is rostered to do OT but he declines at moment notice or advance notice can he be subjeccted to a reprimand by HR?
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KL Siew
21/02/2009 15:48:07
1. You can ask him to replace the lost hours but with such a practice, there is a possibility that he may think it is alright to come to work at his convenience as long as he replaces the hours. It may become sort of flexi hours for him and others may follow to do the same. I still think stricter discipline should be maintained.

2. Unless he has good reasons to decline, I think your HR is right to reprimand him or even take disciplinary action against him.
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