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20/02/2009 14:42:23
Re: time slip

I work in HR & admin department. One of our staff late for 1 1/2 hour to work due to pregnency check up. So our panel doctor gave her time slip. But the director of that staff need her to replace the 1 1/2 hour to company.
Is it the correct? I don't think so.
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KL Siew
20/02/2009 15:07:02
If there is no clear time-off policy in the company, the director's demand may be OK. Some companies even require the employees to take annual leave if they want time-off for some private errands. Consult the Labour Office if you think necessary.
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20/02/2009 15:09:02
As for my company practice, staff are allowed to take a max of 2 hrs time off, and has to be replace (before or after office hour). If they come later than that, it will automatically considered as 1/2 day leave.
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20/02/2009 15:45:22
In order hassel free for both parties, the company should fix the attendance policy that - employee shall either apply 1/2 day or full day leave, if they wish to occupy part of the working hour for personal matter.

No free of occuping working hour for personal matters, FAIR!!
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20/02/2009 16:10:59
Thank you for all the reply.
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07/07/2009 09:39:43
isn't time slip avalble to use for company ? How many hours? How about that I bring my parent to check up, can i use the time slip?
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