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20/02/2009 11:56:37
Re: Reject offer

Hi sir,

I have a friend who has received offer from Company A in December 2008, and he already accepted and signed the offer letter to confirm joining the company in 3 Jan 2009.

Therefore, he has received a call saying that would like him to join later in March 2009. And my friend did question them that is there any cancellation or problem for the offer, but the personnel told him that, there is nothing happened, just to delay the joining date.

But after few weeks, the personnel called my friend again and told him that they would like to reject the offer upon him. And, will compensate him 1 month salary. Therefore, my friend felt unsatisfied as he has already resigned from the former employer and now he is jobless.

Would like to check, is this case can be filed in labour office?

Please advise. thank you.
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KL Siew
20/02/2009 13:18:13
I don't think the Labour Office will be able to help, but your friend may make inquiry there of course. Ask you friend to consult a lawyer whether he can sue or not.
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20/02/2009 17:23:34
Thanks KL Siew for your advise. but, the how about the IR? any contact? :)
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KL Siew
20/02/2009 17:34:56
I also don't think IR can help. May find contact with
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