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19/02/2009 17:01:27
Re: shut down

If we are forcing to take unpaid leave eventhough have annual leave during shut down period,working about 10years.Annual leave balance about 30 days but the company never allow to cut annual leave.Is it a correct procedure.
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KL Siew
19/02/2009 17:32:04
You do have a reason to complain. Make a complaint at the Labour Office.
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19/02/2009 17:36:16
your company is absolutely wrong and unfair. please lodge a complaint to the Labour Office soonest.
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02/06/2009 09:00:04
Where's the location of our Office in Penang? Can they took any action on this matter effectlvely? Lately I don't had my budget...and my company keep on deducting my salary..Keep deducting my salary for about 3 months...
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