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18/02/2009 15:31:59
Re: Working hour

My working hours is from 8 am till 5.30 pm. Is it any rules stated that i cannot go back on time? Why my admin people complaining us who back sharp on time.
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KL Siew
18/02/2009 17:06:30
You must be new to working life. There is no ruling that you cannot go home on time. Unlike Government offices, private sectors are a bit different. Observe what you colleagues are doing. If they don't knock off at exactly 5.30, try to do the same.
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19/02/2009 10:27:22
it is very subjective. As long as you can get yr job done within the company required lead time, you may leave. It is not nice if you were to go back sharp at 530pm and leave yr jobs unsettled.

Certainly you reserve yr right to go back punctually, this will not affect yr salary, but may affect the company appraisal towards you.

Try to give-an -take.
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