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18/02/2009 08:22:51
Re: Reluctant to sign warning letter

Hi, i would like to know if let say our company are not allowed employee to sleep when they are on duty. And one of the department supervisor found that there is 1 worker slept around 5 minutes when he was in duty, immediately supervisor took photo and issue counseling for that worker, but this worker refuse to accept and reluctant to sign the counseling letter, so what can HR do if this worker reluctant to sign? Please advise, thanks.
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KL Siew
18/02/2009 09:47:53
In this type of case, it is quite difficult to tell whether a person is asleep or just closing his eyes. Was he lying down? It could be that he was just sitting with his eyes closed but still aware of what was going on around him. We are no sleep expert. If it was the first time, I would rather tell him verbally not to do it again and give him the benefit of doubt. It's up to you.
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