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17/02/2009 23:01:06
Re: Dismissed from jon

Hi. Ive been working for this company for almost 8 years in managerial position. Because of my serious and strict attitude towards work and staff was sometimes mistaken. Early this month i received a letter suspending me from work for 2 weeks as somebody at work has reported that i was acting violent towards my own staff. Last fri, managers from other branches was called and several witnesses from their side and my side was called to have a discussion upon my 'special case', and i was found not guilty of 2/3 of the case. The next day, they immediately issued a letter finding me guilty and dismissed me from my work effectively on the day itself. Was i supposed to get 2 months notice as stated in my contract before they dismiss me even though of my misconduct at work, or they have the right to do without any notice? Do i have the right to claim my AL too? Please advice. Thanks!
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KL Siew
18/02/2009 09:36:12
You were dismissed after being found guilty of misconduct and as such you are not entitled to those benefits such as notice or balance of annual leave. What you need to do now if you are not satisfied with dismissal, you can complain to the Industrial Relations Department and make a claim for reinstatement. Don't just leave it without a fight. You have only 60 days from the date of dismissal to do it.
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