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06/01/2009 18:40:08
Re: monthly rate of pay (26 days calculation)

I joined a company on th 15th of last month, how should my salary be calculated? For ex my basic salary is RM2K. Please help.
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KL Siew
06/01/2009 19:02:52
15/12 to 31/12 = 17 days

Salary (2000/31) x 17
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02/03/2009 15:11:08
According to my employer, the employer can choose a different calculation method. My employer calculate based on number of working days. In my case, I started work on 4 Feb 2009 and my monthly salary is RM4000. My employer assumed that total working days in Feb is 22 days, and I worked for only 18 days. So they calculate as such (4000/22) x 18.

Can my employer do this?
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