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16/02/2009 17:32:08
Re: Jan'09 salary Not Pay

I had a case which need your professional opinion. It was actually happened to my friend's company. The company had only paid staff's salary up to Dec 2008 while still owe them Jan 2009's salary (reason being company not enough fund to cover).

First question, the staff has the right to sue the company?
Secondly, the EPF, SOCSO, PCB has not been paid for 3 months plus. Since the company is having financial difficulty, is there any aids / rules / ways that the company can take to avoid penalty?

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KL Siew
16/02/2009 18:11:09
You friend will have to complain to the Labour Department, EPF, SOCSO and the Income Tax department. Let them look into the company's financial problems.
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