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16/02/2009 17:30:05
Re: termination notice

in what situation the company need to give 1 moth notice to terminate the staff??
as i know only serious misconduct will cause to immediate termination. how to consider serious misconduct?
If the staff always absent can consider as serious misconduct??

beside that, we have give many warning letter to a staff regarding the same problem and the staff have reply a letter will not repeat the same mistake otherwise the manager can take immediate action to terminate her, so if the staff repeated, can we terminate immediate??

For another case, today 1 staff suddenly sms my manager stated need to on leave for 1 month. Then my manager said cannot straight away call me calculate the salary and give termination letter. can my manager do like that?

pls advise. thanks
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KL Siew
16/02/2009 18:06:38
Section 14 of the EA only says "....misconduct inconsistent with the fulfilment of the express or implied conditions of his service,.." So, is 'always absent' inconsistent? You will have to decide one way or the other in the interest of the company.

You may have to explain to your manager the consequences. If after hearing you, he still insists on sacking that staff you may have to comply.
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