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06/01/2009 14:24:31
Re: delay of payment and issue with resignation

The company that I work has put in our confirmation letter that if I were to resign I must give 3 months notice period.
The main issue I face here is that I am not getting my salary on time, the company delays the salary by 2-3 weeks every month and currently I would like to leave the firm at the earliest and return back to my country.
Should I be serving the 3 months or is there anyway that I could leave the company immediately?
Please advice.
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KL Siew
06/01/2009 14:51:48
If you are covered by the Employment Act (meaning salary not more than RM1500), the following Sections of the Act may be helpful to you. Anyway, I think you better seek proper advice from the Labour Department whether you can terminate your service without notice since the employer has broken the contract of service.

15. When contract is deemed to be broken by employer and employee.

(1) An employer shall be deemed to have broken his contract of service with the employee if he fails to pay wages in accordance with Part III,

Part III
19. Time of payment of wages.

Every employer shall pay to each of his employees not later than the seventh day after the day of any wage period the wages, less lawful deductions, earned by such employee during such wage period....."
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06/01/2009 15:35:51
Thanks a heap Siew for your prompt reply.
I am not covered by the Employment Act since my salary is more than the mentioned one. So, where would I seek some assistance regarding this case.
Its been stated in my contract that the company will make the payment first working day of every month.
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KL Siew
06/01/2009 17:50:41
Check your email.
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15/05/2009 11:03:04
Refer to the above.. (KL Siew)

My april salary were delay too, as my company still haven pay me till now.
And my salary were less than RM1,500.

Pls advise~

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