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15/02/2009 01:18:59
Re: Resignation Notice due to Pay Reduction/Shutdown


Good day. I have a question regarding my resignation notice.

I newly joined a company and just started working.

In my letter of appointment, It clearly states 2 months notice for resignation.
However, the company introduces Pay Reduction and Shutdown without my agreement. They only announce this after i joined the company not to mention only through internal e-mail and manager verbal communication.

Thus, i would like to know if the contract is still valid because i did not signed for this pay reduction and shutdown/ force unpaid leave.

I have contacted our company HR via e-mail regarding this but they answer me verbally and would not provide response to my e-mail. They told me verbally that the contract is valid and the only change is the reduction of my salary.

So my question is my letter of appointment still legally valid? Do i have to comply to my resignation notice for 2 months?

Please advise.

Many thanks in advance
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KL Siew
15/02/2009 07:52:40
Personally, I would think that it is a breach of the contract of service and I would be entitled to terminate the contract with or without notice if you don't agree with it. You better consult the Industrial Relations Department for an official opinion before you act.
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