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13/02/2009 08:51:55
Re: hospitalization

If for the case like this...

- 1 of my company staff is accident and hospitalization for 3 month.
he take the hospitalization leave start from 1 nov08 until 13/01/2009 and my company was give 60 days HL per year.

so i want to ask, start from 01/01/2009 - 13/01/2009 does the staff still entitle for the HL for the same case as he ard took 60days on 08?

beside that, the doctor mention tat he cannot do heavy task such as drive more than 3 hrs, but he was a linehaul driver (driver at night from KL to johor everyday).

so what my company can do? can terminate the staff as he cannot perform the task even he start to work?

pls advise. thanks!!
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KL Siew
13/02/2009 12:01:55
In 2009, he is also entitled to 60 days hospitalisation.

Better get the letter from doctor about his medical conditions as mentioned by you. Why not offer him lighter job?
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