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Peter Phang
12/02/2009 20:54:50
Re: Break Time allocation for 12hour shift work

I would like to find out the allocated number of hour a person can take i.e. for tea break, lunch etc whilst he or she is working on a 12hour shift cycle per day. It was my understanding that the allocated time was 1.5 hours for the 12 hour duration. However a fellow colleague mentioned that it is actually 3 hours (not to be taken concurrently). Can you please help confirm as it is causing alot of discomfort in my work place. Thanks.
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KL Siew
12/02/2009 22:10:06
12 hours - 1.5 hours rest = 10.5 hours working hours.
10.5 hours - 8 hours normal hours of work = 2.5 hours overtime work.
Are you paying overtime wages for the overtime work of 2.5 hours?
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Peter Phang
23/02/2009 20:59:40
No overtime is paid as staff is working 3 x 12hrs or 4x 12hrs and get 3 and 4 days off respectively.
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09/04/2009 15:28:52
How about staff alway take about 15 - 30 minutes for breakfast
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