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12/02/2009 18:39:53
Re: overtime payment

Dear Mr Liew,
Can you advice pertaining to overtime payment. I work with a forreign airlines in klia. We had work on overtime when our flight had been delay and company says that its their policy of not paying money for the overtime but instead to be replaced as off in lieu which will be calculated by total amount and your working rates per day. Ofcourse, being a graded staff, we would like cash rather than off in lieu. The question is can the company do that or being working in Malaysia does labour act
allow such practice. Fyi our salary is above myr1500. Can we fight for

Thank you and warm regards
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KL Siew
12/02/2009 19:58:40
The Labour Department may not be able to help you. All of you should get together and negotiate with the company. You may consult the Industrial Relations Department see whether they can give you some help.
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13/02/2009 05:41:24
Dear Mr Siew,

Regrets for wrong name earlier. Anyway many thanks for your remarks and greatly apprec. Will pursue matter as recommend.

Thank you and hve a nice day ahead.
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