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12/02/2009 16:02:40
Re: Hourly paid workers


How should the hourly paid workers salary be calculated for these days :

1) Sunday - worked for eg 8 hours, how much should they get - RM10 x 8hrs x 2 ?
2) Sunday - did not work - should they be paid for RM10 x 8hrs

or for easy - eg nov month I should calculate as RM10 x 8hrs x 30days and additional 0RM10 x 8hrs (if work 8 hrs on Sunday) and additional RM10 x 8 hrs x 2 (if work 8 hrs on PH)
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KL Siew
12/02/2009 16:43:00
1. Correct

2. No work no pay, it does not matter which day.

Example given is correct if he worked on all the 30 days.
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