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12/02/2009 14:59:22
Re: work on rest day/public holiday

In my company policy, we have two options for those who work on rest day/public holiday (for those who are not eligible for ot claim), which is replacement leave and flat allowance of RM100.
One of the HOD wants his staffs to go for replacement leave instead of claiming the flat allowance.Replacement leave will automatically forfeited if not utilized within 2 weeks.
My question is, can he do that?
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KL Siew
12/02/2009 15:41:37
For employees who are covered by the Employment Act, there is no mention of replacement for working on rest days or public holidays. They have to be paid accordingly. For those not covered by the EA, your HOD may have the say.
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12/02/2009 16:10:11
Thanks a lot. But I think it is unfair to staff under his dept, as they don't have any options, compared to others. I guess we have to make the policy clear.
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Azuddin Mohd Yusoff
23/05/2009 13:24:17
We, executives may be called to work on rest day/public holiday & the company will pay us RM25, for work up to 3 hrs and RM50 if it exceed 3 hrs.
My question is, can the company do that instead of paying as per EA?
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