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12/02/2009 10:40:22
Re: Caculation of Resignation

Due to i told my boss i would like to resign and work until end on this month 28 Feb 2009. But my boss said will calculate my salary until 27Feb 2009 because 28 Feb is on saturday which mean our company not operate on Saturday.

I really wish can get my salary until 28 Feb.Please kindly advice me on this matter
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KL Siew
12/02/2009 13:53:06
It looks like you have to be paid up to 28 Feb. Consult the Labour Department and convey their message to you boss if they say it should be paid up to 28th.
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12/02/2009 13:58:41
Thanks for your advice.
Can i get the the Labour Department phone number.
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12/02/2009 14:05:05

labour office tel.
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12/02/2009 14:05:41
I already get the contact number in your page.Thanks anyway.
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17/02/2009 16:44:44
I call to Labour Office already they say have to calcualte until 27 Feb only. So sad.
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17/03/2009 23:23:27

Dear Sir/Madam,
I will tender my resignation letter on 18/3/09 or 19/3/09 but my letter was dated on 14/3/09(the boss was oversea so sudden on 14/3 so i cannot submit the letter and also donno when he will be back), what should i do?

Q1) i join the company on 22/3/2007, in this year 2009 i have take 3 days of annual leave so how many days of annual leave am i entitle for deduction on my resignation?
Q2) my last day will be on 10/4/09,monthly pay is RM1800 & monthly allowance is RM265.00(no EPF&Socso deduction), how much is my pay?

Please advice.

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