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06/01/2009 09:54:45
Re: Lunch Hours

Dear KL Siew

May i know if lunch time i don't want go out for lunch and i also don't want punch the card (only lunch time) can the company deduct the staff salary ?

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KL Siew
06/01/2009 10:28:22
If there is such a company rule and you know the rule and yet you don't want to follow the rule, you don't blame people for giving the punishment. You don't want to go out for lunch, that is your choice but must punch out if you ask me.
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Alan Nathan
09/01/2009 14:16:13
I'm a part-time worker (college student )and recently me and my colleges was told our brake time will be given and deducted as such - (1/2 hrs for 5 hrs continues work & 1 hrs for 8 hrs continues work) . As im getting pay by hrs ( Rm3.00 ) i feel it not fare as we fill the 1/2 break is suffecient . I know that 5 hrs continues work u get 1/2 break but not sure with 8 hrs .pls advise .
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