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11/02/2009 11:57:50
Re: salary

my staff under probation was resigned without giving 5 days notice as per required in the employment contract.

am i reserves the right to minus her 5 days salary?
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KL Siew
11/02/2009 12:23:08
Yes you can do that.
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11/02/2009 12:33:06
in this month, she worked on saturday (afternoon) & sunday as well. as per our company standard rules, leave compensation will be applied as follows :

working on saturday afternoon (2-6pm) - 0.5 day
working on Sunday(2-6pm) - 2 days

our company offical working day is 5.5 days.

she submit the resignation letter on 8.2.09, the sunday after finished working. she wanted to resign with immediate effect. she did not show from 9.2.09 on wards.

please guide on how to calculate her salary for this month?
am i right if my calculation as follows:

8 working days - 5 days(penalty on resigned immediately) + extra 1 day compensate leave on sunday = 4 days.
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KL Siew
11/02/2009 13:03:55
It is OK
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11/02/2009 13:12:56
one more doubt:

He has 1 day leave replacement for being owrking on january. plus his 2.5 days leave replacement on feb (saturday afternoon & sunday) as mentioned = 3.5 days.

Meaning, the entire salary calculation as below:

8 days (1st to 8th Feb) 5 days (penalty on immediate resignation) + 3.5 days (accumulated leave as at 8.2.09) = 6.5 days

am i right? sorry for overlooked it in my previous mail.

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KL Siew
11/02/2009 15:45:08
Whatever it is, both of you better sit down and talk it over.
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