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10/02/2009 22:22:38
Re: lost receipts

hie i have a scenario that i hope you can help me with, i resign from this company on the 31st of january 2009 and up till today i haven't receive my salary can i do something about it?.. second scenario is in october 2008 my boss handed me cash money of RM1000 to purchase groceries for an up coming function on that month so after purchasing those items which accumalated to RM1027.00 i confronted him and told him that i wanted to clear up the receipts and hand it over to him but he instead told me to keep it with me later only we clear those receipts and he has been postponing and postponing everytime i wanted to clear those receipts, so finally i got fed up and left it in my office table drawer. so upon my resignation he ask me for those receipts and when i went back to the drawer to remove it the receipts were all gone and everything in the drawer was intact except for those receipts, so he says that now he must deduct RM1000 from my salary because the receipts were lost, the office is only accesible by myself the manager and my boss ,only the three of us has access to the office ,i confronted the manager he said he didn't take anything , but upon receiving the RM1000 in october he didn't give me anything to sign stating that i receive the RM1000 for purchases of items, so can you please help me with this scenario, i do not want to be a fool to loose a large sum of my salary because of dirty tricks by my boss. he hasn't paid any current staffs salary of last month till today... please help me ..
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KL Siew
11/02/2009 09:18:24
The only help I can give you is to advise you to bring the matter up with the Labour Department.
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