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15/07/2010 11:30:11
Re: No salary


i'm new to this site. I have a few question to ask ?

1) Already 2 month haven't receive any salary from my current company.
Can i file a report to labour law office ??

2) After i file a report, can i still working in my current company or should i resign??

Please advise.
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19/10/2010 16:19:24
of course you can report to laour office..
but if only you dont have a problem with them so you can continue working
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Raymond Hoo
01/11/2012 12:20:42
Dude! are you serious? 2 months no salary still work and not filing any report? you are too rich or love this company too much?

OF COURSE YOU SHOULD FILE A CASE AGAINST THEM lol. But joke aside, you can ask them what happen and ask them for a valid date for your salary. If things dont go well, stop being "generous" and take legal action.

As for if you still should work there, sorry to say, that's kinda stupid to ask. Why do you want to keep on working in a company that can't pay you? if you love it so much, why file? If file, why still want to work there?

Time to go for a new job hunting! (P.S. I know this tread is old, but I would like to tell others visitor of this matter too cause, frankly, too many people now days don't know what to do.)
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