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16/04/2010 23:34:00
Re: annual leave

Can an employee apply for pro-rated annual leave during the first year's employment or does she have to wait after one year of service to start applying for leave?
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07/05/2010 21:32:58
Annual leave entitlement shall entitled after 12 mths continous service. however, its a practice by the organization to pro rate the AL in the event the staff join less than a year. Anyway, the is to refer to your company's policy on AL entitlement.
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15/06/2010 17:20:43
If a person on annual leaves but using the annual leave day to go for another interview...can the company suspend the person from work because the company found out of the interview???

Thanks for your feedback
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19/10/2012 10:53:43
hi, I'm from Sabah. start join this Co. early Aug 2011.In my appointment letter, i suppose to have probation period of 6 months(which is to confirm in Jan 2012), but the TOP management want to extend it for another 3 months, and until now haven't confirmed. My question:-

1) Am i allow to take annual leave since i already join this Co. for more than 12months service?
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