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08/03/2010 19:58:28
Re: "Cooling period" for foreign workers

I would like to find out if foreign workers in East Malaysia and West Malaysia are sharing the same labour law. I hv a Pakistan friend who worked in KL early of last year and he resigned few months later and went back to Pakistan for bout two weeks. Then in April last year he came to Sarawak and work in a local hotel. The hotel who wanna employ him had difficulties at 1st as the kl company did not terminate his working permit. Later we manage to get the letter posted over to Sarawak and this hotel submitted the visa application together with the kl company termination letter for working permit and it was approved. Now the question is , my friend's visa will due on this coming May but he wishes to join another company in Sarawak. We hv checked at immigration office and was told that he is not suppose to change company. If he gets a new employment, he need to fly back to his country for min 3 months, to 6 months as "cooling period" before he can come back and work here in a new company. On top of that, we were told that if the current company has little paid up capital my friend cannot be employed. I would like to know whats the minimum of the paid up capital for the company to employ a foreign worker ? beside that kuching immigration office told us that only Indonesian are allowed to work as a farmer. For your info, my friend was employed as a farmer in KL before. How come he could work as a farmer in KL but not in Sarawak ? Is there really a double standard for both East and West Msia labour law ?
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KL Siew
09/03/2011 22:02:46
That is something you have to sort out with that department.
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