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03/02/2010 09:53:52
Re: MC for Employee under probation

An employee joint in Nov 2009 & resigned on 2/2/2010 n still under probation period. Is he entitle to 14days medical leaves in Jan 2010 cos he took 4 days MC in Jan 2010.
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07/05/2010 21:35:50
ML entitlement is 14 days( less than 2 yrs service) 'per calender year'. ML entitlement is not subjected to pro rated basis. Therefore, you entitled to enjoy yr ML entitlement if you serve the organization less than a year.
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30/09/2010 18:45:14
How about an employee still under probation, let say joined in 1st Oct and after working 2 days, get MC 3 days from panel doctor, when return back to work, tender the resignation. Does he entitle to 3 days paid sickleave whereas company also pay the treatment fee?
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21/10/2010 17:01:50
For employee under probation, are we entitled to be provided with MC and Annual Leaves? This particular organization regards annual leave and MC as unpaid leave during probation period.
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08/12/2010 16:43:25
Employment Act does not define an employee under probation or confirmed hence Medical Leave is an entitlement regardless of tenure of service or status i.e confirmed or probationer

Annual leave only needs to be given for staff who has completed 1 year of service (Section 60E.). If a staff contract of service is terminated, he is to be paid for his annual leave in direct proportion to the number of completed months of service:
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23/05/2011 14:44:31
Hi, the company that i work for claims that should we take more than 2 MCs in a month, they would then dedcut our salaries. Is this possible? My HR claims it is so. (We are all still under probation)
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