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13/01/2010 17:24:21
Re: MC entitlement

Just wonder my calculation for Medical leave as below is correct :

Date Join: 12.3.2008
Length of service as at 31.12.2010 : 2 years 10 months
Medical Leave entitlement in year 2010 : 18 days

Please advise. Thank you.
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KL Siew
14/01/2010 17:20:58
Yes, you are right.
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Jing Jing
09/03/2010 11:53:07
In my employment letter, it is stated that only confirmed employee is entittled to paid annual leave. My probation stretches to 8 mths.

Q- Is it correct that my AL entitlement starts only after confirmation?
Pls advise
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06/08/2010 12:04:14
If staff cliam her sick leave more that 14 days, mean after 14 days she still under sick leave is company need give her salary again?
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09/09/2010 12:12:45
After fully utilizing sick leave entitlement the company does not have any obligation to pay for MC. But however it depends on the cause of MC whereby on certain issues such as accident at workplace company might want to consider....
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vion soong
27/09/2015 15:47:48
My worker , length of services 2 years. Admitted hospital for 3 day & Dr. give MC for one month.
May I know how many paid leaves and unpaid leaves for her.
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