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Mr D
08/01/2010 22:36:57
Re: Employer Right

Hi, i am a sabahan and i would like to ask whether an employer has the right to put in the contract that the employee require to work overtime during offday or public holidays without pay. Hope to hear you soon!
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KL Siew
10/01/2010 09:31:41
Without pay? If so, that condition is null and void and has no effect.
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Ms Lim
02/08/2010 09:49:07
Hi, is the contract valid if my part timer requiring to work on Public Holiday with normal pay rate? Thank you.
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Kasthuribai D/O Ayamuthu
02/03/2011 20:47:33
I worked in Taska Ceria Dan Harmoni in Jln ss7/17K, Sri Kelana Jaya.Joined in Jan 2010 and resign in Feb 28 2011. The principal deducted 5 days salary whereas I took only 2 days unpaid.Explaination given that for Chinese New Year she close down for 5 days- 2 days is Goverment PH and the balance 3 days she deducted from my salary and said that I got no annual leave balance to deduct.I want to know whether is there any law when the employer close down on their own and deduct the employee's salary.
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