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29/12/2009 15:11:08
Re: Deduct salary & no EPF

I working at audit firm, which i was just join on Nov 2009. And i was very bad luck due to i was have a chicken pox when i just join in for just few weeks.
(ie. 24th Nov-26th Nov) and 27th was a hari raya haji public holiday. Therefore, it looks like i taken 1 week leave.

The ladyboss, unwilling to give me a medical leave although i already got medical clip from doctor and only for 3 days cause i insist doctor to give me an injection for the chicken pox.
Also, i had show the boss the mark for the chicken pox.

The ladyboss deduct my salary for the 24th-28th as unpaid leave and Nov 2009 there is no EPF contribute at all for the employer portion as per excuse given by her, that, i lie to her i hiding i got infected by chicken pox...... and i only work less than a mth.. somemore get sick..

my current paid is RM2,200.

Please advice.

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KL Siew
29/12/2009 15:33:29
Since you have just joined the company and you are also not covered by the Employment Act (because salary is over RM1500), I won't advise you to go to the authority. It will not be of much help and it can make your working life there pretty unpleasant. Just treat whatever that happened as your bad luck. Have better luck next time.

About EPF, monitor it, There may be deduction in the coming months.
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29/12/2009 15:40:54
i see. I only not happy with No EPF contribute at all, also, Fri & Sat (public holiday, Sat day is no work cause we 5days work) being deduct as unpaid leave.

Also, the employer has the right to calculate as per above & no give EPF given?

Thank you
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29/12/2009 15:49:07
p/s: i mean EPF for the mth Nov'09. If the boss insist not to contribute for the mth Nov'09.
(Is it their right? or under the Law?)

But they agreed willing contribute Dec'09 onwards.

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KL Siew
29/12/2009 16:07:08
For EPF, you better complain to EPF office about it. Give a call to EPF and talk to one of the duty officers there.
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21/10/2013 14:20:01
Staff under probation has taken unpaid, I have to minus the unpaid leave from gross and times 13% for EPF right? But some companies contributes EPF for unpaid leave taken, is that right?
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vipinkumar vishwakamur
12/07/2015 01:21:13
up vns 18730 5293
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manirul sossin molla
12/07/2015 01:28:24
up vns 18730 5297
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